March 2015
Together we can Cure Duchenne!
Carve to CureDuchenne, May 2, 2015 Branford, Florida

On Saturday, May 2 skateboarders from across Florida will take part in this one of a kind, heartfelt event, raising money for research to cure a 100% fatal form of muscular dystrophy called, “Duchenne”. The skateboarder who completes the most consecutive wall to wall turns, or , “carves”, in the skateboard course known as a bowl, (similar to an empty swimming pool), will earn your pledge dollars for muscular dystrophy research. Former winner of the Florida Bowl Riders Cup, Todd Johnson, recently performed 32 consecutive carves in a similar bowl. If you choose to pledge $5 per carve, and the winning skater performs 32 carves, your total donation would be $160. Event will be held at Hatch Park’s Public Skate Park in Branford, Florida. Mail completed pledge form to: Bill Procko, P.O. Box 996 Branford, FL 32008.

Please contact Bill Procko for more information. This event is in honor of Evan Procko.